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Richard Peiffer grew up in South Jersey and missed hearing the distinctive Mister Softee jingle that brought a smile to his face. That is why he decided to bring the tasty soft serve ice cream he loves so much to Houston. Look for him at festivals, events and in the neighborhoods of Houston.

Mister Softee has been delivering the best ice cream to customers since 1956. Mister Softee Houston looks forward to continuing the delicious tradition of bringing the best soft serve to all Houstonians. Whether you want an ice cream cone, a sundae, an ice cream float, an ice cream shake or a banana boat listen for the jingle and come and get it!


A Little History...

Everyone feels an exciting tingle when they hear the familiar jolly jingle that means Mister Softee is near. Since 1956, Mister Softee trucks have roamed the nation, delivering deliciously twisted soft serve ice cream to crowds of delighted folks far and wide. 

Today there are over 600 trucks towing around these tasty desserts, including here in Houston. Book Mister Softee for your next special event and enjoy this yummy American tradition with your guests!.


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